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Developing Inter-Cultural Intelligence 
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The ICI Journey

Moving between cultures has always been a challenge and one that humanity has tried to master by, for example, providing do's and don’ts lists for cultures foreign to us, teaching us how to hand over business cards in the appropriate fashion, or teaching us how to shake hands the right way. But these crumbs help us only to survive.

If we’re going to thrive in the global space we need to move beyond the ethno-centric and national-centric stereotyping and come to terms with the intercultural melting pot that surrounds us. We need to learn a language and develop meta-competencies that support us globally in all cultural contexts, regardless of where in the world we’ve just travelled.

KnowledgeWorkx offers a deep expertise in Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI), with more than a decade's experience on six continents.

Living each day in the emerging markets reality, and experiencing the globalized economy first-hand, we realized our Inter-Cultural Intelligence approach is truly at the cutting edge of thinking – and it is applicable in any geography that deals with intercultural complexity and issues related to globalization.

We are excited to finally have the opportunity to share with you what we have learned, and how we are convinced that a radical new way of thinking is required if we want to deal with intercultural complexity in a way that allows us to channel the energy it unleashes so that we can all use it to our benefits.

In the ICI book you will discover how Inter-Cultural Intelligence can help you to move from surviving to thriving, the first steps on the journey that will take you there, and the things you need in order to develop superior Inter-Cultural Intelligence.

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